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Question: If I wash beforehand, is it ok to have anal sex without a condom for protection? Answer: Good question! Using condoms is a great way to protect yourself and your partner from sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV. If you’re thinking about having anal sex without a condom, then there’s a lot to consider. Improper condom usage makes them way less effective. Whenever you use a condom for anal it’s important to: Use the right lube – the wrong kind can degrade the condom – see our Buyer’s Guide below; Use plenty of it – to prevent the condom tearing; Anal lube works best, otherwise reapply regularly when using non-anal lube.

However that is sometimes the impression given by behavioural surveys. It is derived from an analysis of the responses to two large-scale, cross-sectional community surveys of Australian gay and bisexual men in and A total of 15, completed the surveys. As a risk reduction strategy, the drawback for HIV-negative people is that they can only be certain of their HIV status when they last took a test, whereas HIV-positive people can be confident they know their status.

In the context of drugs or alcohol, withdrawal is when a person cuts out, or cuts back, on using the substance, also known as detoxification or detox.

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After couple-years of follow-up and 77, acts of unprotected anal intercourse, no HIV transmission from HIV-positive partners took place and the researchers concluded that the risk of HIV transmission in these circumstances was effectively zero Rodger. If viral load is detectable, condomless anal intercourse is a highly efficient way of transmitting HIV, and it is considered a high-risk activity for both partners, although the exact degree of risk can depend on many factors.

For each condomless act with an untreated HIV-positive partner, the risk of infection has been estimated at 1. However, it may be 10 to 25 times higher if the positive partner is recently infected. Studies have identified several other factors that further increase the risk of transmission. It is true that HIV infection occurs less frequently in men who solely take the insertive role than in men who engage in both roles, or men who practise receptive anal intercourse only Jin.

However, being the insertive partner in condomless sex remains a high-risk activity.

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Yes, water-based is best. And you can’t really say because it depends on the person and what’s comfortable for them. If you’re thinking about trying it then make sure she’s ok with it and then try different things and see what she likes and go slow. Yes, if you are in a monogamous relationship and you and your partner have tested clean for STIs (sexual transmitted infections). However, the truth is that anal sex without a condom is not % safe even if you’re both ‘clean’, so to speak. See the risks section that I’ve included below.

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If you’re thinking about having anal sex or engaging in any kind of anal play, your safety and comfort and pleasure should always be at the forefront of your mind. Unfortunately, when it comes to anal penetration, you can’t just go in there without any preparation. You’re going to need a good quality lubricant especially designed for the anus.

Here’s why anal lube is so necessary, what the different types are, and the best product for every budget. Dr Elizabeth Daprè , an academic GP trainee explains, ‘When planning penetrative anal play always make sure to use a lot of lubricant. The anus and rectum do not self-lubricate as the vagina does, and without the liberal use of lubricant the delicate rectal tissue is at risk of damage.

Now we know how important it is to use lubricant for all kinds of anal play – whether that’s rimming, fingering, prostate massage or penetration with a penis or dildo – it’s vital to figure out which type of anal lube is best for you Considered the “all purpose” member of the lubricant family, water-based lubes are pretty good for all sexual situations.

As the formula is water-based, they make for very easy clean-up. On the other hand, this means if you’re having sex in the bath or shower or swimming pool, you do you! Water-based lubes don’t tend to be too sticky or unnatural feeling, and most closely mimic the natural lubrication of a vagina. They do, however, tend to dry out quite quickly. This means with anal play or penetrative anal sex, you may need to apply water-based lube a few times to make sure the area is kept lubricated.

Water-based lubes are safe to use with all condoms , dental dams and sex toys. If you’re on a budget: Opting for a thicker-than-average lube means it will last longer and have to be reapplied less frequently during anal play and sex.

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