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Füssen is a tiny town in Bavaria, about a kilometre from the Austrian border, that has historically been a major centre for violin making. It takes about two hours to get here by train from Munich, and is a stop on most bus tours that take tourists to Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles. The two most famous castles in Germany are just four kilometres away and can be reached on foot via a series of trails.

There is a catch, however. Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau look as dramatic as they do because they are high up in the mountains. Füssen is not.

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Background: Moderate alcohol consumption is largely believed to be cardioprotective, while red wine is hypothesized to offer benefit in part due to the proangiogenic and antioxidant properties of polyphenols. We investigated the cardiovascular effects of both red wine and vodka in a swine model of endothelial dysfunction.

After 7 wk, myocardial perfusion was measured, and ventricular tissue was analyzed for microvascular reactivity and immunohistochemical studies. Results: There were no differences in myocardial perfusion, in arteriolar or capillary density, or in VEGF expression among groups. Total protein oxidation as well as expression of superoxide dismutase-1 and -2 and NADPH oxidase was decreased in both treatment groups compared to controls.

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Ciao ragazzi! sto organizzando un tour per l europa centrale e venendo da napoli come prima tappa ci siamo prefissato munchen!! prima di arrivare ho letto che varrebbe la pena fermarsi a fussen!! diciamo che napoli munchen dovremmo impiegare. Tajirka Codka फेसबुकमा छ । Join Facebook to connect with Tajirka Codka and others you may know. फेसबुकले.

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Making vodka has many variables: the combinations of the ingredients used in the mash, the purity of the water mixed with it, even the type of still, not to mention what kind of cocktail the finished product lands in. The vodka creation process is essentially a matter of picking and choosing the combination that yields the best product. Still, the element of texture—for those drinking it neat—is remarkable and worth paying attention to.

Much like the types of stills used to make vodka—plus water quality, pumps, storage, etc. Some vodkas are filtered again and again; some not at all. Take Belvedere Unfiltered , billed as a luxury vodka distilled four times and not filtered. With a toasted bread scent, the spirit is rich in taste and is smooth but not necessary creamy. Some brands elect for fancier method. After being distilled four times, Crystal Head vodka is filtered three times through quartz crystals known as Herkimer diamonds, named such for their resemblances to the faceted stone.

With vodka makers utilizing precious metals like gold for filtering in Russia, is filtering through diamonds next? The porous lava rocks act as a sponge or a filter, and the impurities stay in the rock, leaving a cleaner liquid behind. The rocks are cycled out the way periodically—similar to changing out a carbon filter a la Brita , in a water pitcher at home.

When Chris Seithel, one of the founders of Loaded vodka, wanted to create a vodka suitable for sipping, he felt he had to do use something different than charcoal. Once the water has been filtered and gone through reverse osmosis, the distiller pumps the water through its proprietary filter 10 times, removing anything it may have missed in the first two steps and purifying the water even further.

Seithel even sells the water so that people can taste the difference between batches before, during and after the process.

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